Collider Curates #1 | Weekly Round Up | 29 Jan 2016

Our weekly curation of what we've found, uncovered and made our brains tingle and smiles form:


A simple idea that smart cities are ones which function without silos, with standardised data and where communication is the key (although it does bring up another question around shared and agreed priorities and who's duty is it to capture the information for sharing).

Pilot projects in European cities with Google to make their cities more efficient (plus an option to get in touch if you're interested).

Why the ex-editor of WIRED magazine quit and is now running the biggest air drone company in North American.

Five co-creation city initiatives for developing collaborative urban areas.
10 examples of people-centred smart city initiatives.
NZ is ranked the third most creative country in the world (when it comes to economic development).
Five different cycle protoypes thinking how in the future we will be able to navigate our city streets.
How the city of Seoul is transforming to a sharing economy.