Collider Connects #17 | Arthur Falls

Arthur Falls is Director of Media for ConsenSys who are working on some of the most exciting Ethereum/Blockchain projects in the world. Collider were lucky enough to host him through the Blockchain Wellington meetup group to give his talk on "The State of the Blockchain Ecosystem."

Arthur is a journalist and content marketing specialist with a background in media production. He has produced several popular blockchain centric podcasts, most notably Beyond Bitcoin and The Ether Review. Follow Arthus on Twitter:

Ethereum is a global computing resource that anyone can gain access to. What makes it powerful is that you have this egalitarian resource that cannot be censored or controlled by a central operator (like government or a corporate). We can actually build a new type of online tool that is perfectly global and can enable the democratisation of things like alternative currencies and online commerce.
— Arthur Falls

For more information on the Ethereum platform check out: