Collider talks #5 | Five shots to success, creating video using your phone

Everyone is saying that video content is where it’s at. 

Video marketing is playing a larger role in customer acquisition and engagement with four times as many consumers preferring to watch a video about a product over reading about it.
— Forbes | June 2016
Mitre 10 New Zealand’s Youtube channel has just over 43,000 subscribers, and the videos have been watched by just under 14m people.
September 2016
— Stuff | September 2016
The moment a Facebook video ad was viewed (even before one second), lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration.
— Facebook business | March 2015

Facebook is loving it. 






And I have just discovered how easy video content is to create. You use your phone. 

Francesca Jago is the founder of Get Ahead Media, and she understands the importance of using video content to help market your business, build brand awareness and create engaging content targeted to your customers.

Fran is also a Smartphone Video Expert and runs two day courses on creating video using your phone. Her course covers everything from video planning to interviewing skills to editing the final piece.

Last week Fran ran a lunchtime workshop for Collider where content marketers and business owners alike absorbed some of the good bits from Fran’s two day workshop.

People retain 80% of what they see and video is the most engaging way to keep people informed.
— Francesca Jago

One of the biggest takeaways from this session was learning that you don’t need to buy expensive gear to create professional sounding videos using your phone.

It’s unlikely that your company has budget ready to be spent on the latest Gimbal, GoPro or Glide-cam, but you don’t need it. You can create quality video as long as you’re strategic in capturing good audio, lighting and angles.

Good audio is one of the most important parts of a video. If the sound quality is off, people will become disengaged very quickly. When using the microphone on your phone make sure you’re eliminating environmental noises by getting close to your subject.  

There’s nothing worse than capturing great content with ace audio to find it’s all grainy because the lighting was poor. When filming on your phone you will need a lot of light to get a good picture. If you’re outside Fran recommended filming on completely cloudy days to diffuse the light. If you do have to film while the sun is out, use shaded areas. 

The most valuable thing we learnt was the fact that you can tell a story in just 5 shots:

  1. The WHO shot, shows the subject or product
  2. The WHAT shot, close up of the subject or product
  3. The WHERE shot, wide shot of subject in action
  4. The HOW shot, over the shoulder shot or point of view shot
  5. The WHAT ELSE shot, alternative shot showing a different angle. This shot can add more punch or something more interesting to pad it out.

Regardless of what order you decide to put these shots in, they can effectively tell a story in a really simple but creative way.

Below is the wee film we made during Fran's workshop using the 5 shots above. Move over Peter Jackson, Collider Studios have landed!

If your company is keen to invest in video content and you’d like to step things up a notch, we grabbed Fran for her recommendations on phone attachments:

Audio: Rode SmartLav+ and/or Ampridge Mighty Mic, like this.
Lighting: A mountable LED light similar to this.
Tripod: Joby Gorilla Pod

Caitlin is Wellington BizDojo's MarComs gal. When she's not spreading the word of the awesomeness of Collider, she's making videos of her cat sleeping.