Collider Curates #4 | Weekly Roundup | 19th February 2016

Who we've met plus what we've found and uncovered which made our brains tingle and smiles form:


Showing the Open Gov Data Programme around BizDojo as we're hosting the recording of their livestreams as part of our programme.

Reconnecting with Game Dev Wellington and Unity Group Meetup organisers to continue to support their activities and specifically an international speaker opportunity next month.

A visit to NEC NZ and their innovation centre to see what they are doing in partnership with the council on the smart cities stuff (the result of this agreement).

Discussions with WCC on hosting their annual consultation event with a focus on digital and tech.

Talks to start to develop hosting a Silicon Valley insider at the BizDojo space in May.


Great ingenuity via Dutch boutique design shop Heldergroen by figuring out how to create a multi-use space using steel cables and fantastic design:

Hyper-Matrix is a kinetic landscape installation created for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion in Korea, the 2012 Yeosu EXPO site:

Ericsson are ploughing a lot of resources into both activities and creating content around the idea of the ’The Networked Society’. Tthey even produced an hour long film about it here:


Inside Innoway, China’s $36 million government-backed startup village.

Digital Cities Survey 2015, USA only although some good brain fodder in here.

It may still be in its infancy, but startups say Liverpool, UK has the components for a digital sector to rival London’s Tech City.

Technology is now New Zealand's third-largest export behind dairy and tourism with a record growth this year - currently at $6.5bn.