Collider Talks #3 | Collider Hits 100 Events | The Story So Far

100 cupcakes each representing every event under Collider.

100 cupcakes each representing every event under Collider.

Last night marked our 100th Collider activation and it seems crazy we’re up to that milestone already. It wasn’t until we went through all of the workshops, masterclasses, roundtables, launch events and sponsored events that we realised triple figures were looming.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and oh the fun (and late nights) we’ve had. From wrangling moments with international speakers who are in New Zealand on a whirlwind trip, to sponsoring quality Meetups who would normally struggle to find space for the amount of attendees they host, it’s been a great journey so far and we thought this gave us a great opportunity to pause and reflect.

We were curious to know which activations had created the most value and / or impact, and after looking through our attendees feedback we’ve curated a list (in no particular order) of the top 10 Collider events thus far:

Summer of Tech Lunchtime talks series

The Summer of Tech programme is an awesome initiative which connects NZ employers with top students for paid summer IT jobs. We hosted their lunchtime talks which gave a voice to local experts who came to inspire and engage both students professionals alike.

Plugging into Collider has been a huge buzz for Summer of Tech this year, thanks to the BizDojo for activating, connecting and inspiring the Wellington tech community. More please!
— Ruth McDavitt | CEO Summer of Tech

Tim Kastelle

Tim Kastelle is a heavy hitting innovation authority at the University of Queensland and we grabbed some time with him while he was visiting New Zealand. Tim facilitated his main event on innovation disruption and hosted a small roundtable for people eager to get further insights.


Games Developers of Wellington

Games Dev.jpg

The Game Developers of Wellington group has gone from strength to strength and supports a healthy, growing community of capital city video game creators. They regularly have sell out meetups and fill our event space with emerging talent, student learners, industry experts and excited chatter about all things video games!

The Game Developers of Wellington love meeting at BizDojo! Beyond hosting our events, they have actively engaged with us and offered up unique opportunities in the form of guest speakers outside our own network, which is hugely valuable to the local community. We are looking forward to further initiatives with them, and hope they can help us develop new opportunities for our network in the future.
— Blair Willems, Meetup organiser | Course coordinator at Yoobee School of Design

Kiwi Landing Pad - Sales and Marketing Jam

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.22.59 AM.png

We received so much value from this event in November last year that we asked to have it back in April. The Sales and Marketing Jam brings four international speakers who are outstanding in the realm of sales and marketing. On both occasions we’ve been able to nab extra time with the speakers to have an intimate roundtable for anyone seeking further advice.

Here at the Kiwi Landing Pad, we’re about providing Kiwi entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest talent from Silicon Valley so that they can be more successful in growing their businesses. It made sense for us to hold one of our land mark programs (#NZSMJ) which encompass learning, launching and landing within the Collider program and BizDojo. We love working with them and look forward to returning with our next Jam in September 2016.
— Sian Simpson | Global Community Manager, Kiwi Landing Pad.

The #Brainstrust Cohorts

The Brainstrust programme is probably the most out of the box activation we’ve had on our Collider programme, and has provided great results thanks to the facilitator Chris Jackson. Cohorts spend four weeks together solving person’s unique problem using design thinking tools and community problem solving techniques.

It’s been exciting to be a part of the #Brainstrust experiment. I’ve learnt a lot – even the delivery has been an exercise in design thinking. If you’re feeling blocked or like you’re out of ideas DO THIS! I’ve met some great people, and come away with some inspired approaches to assist our community engagement.
— Joanna Matthew | Executive Director of LIANZA

The Stepup Mentoring Series

The Stepup Mentorship programme is aimed to accelerate Wellington’s entrepreneurial eco-system via an awesome collaboration between BizDojo and Xero.  We’ve connected the knowledge and support of Xero Mentors with the passion and enthusiasm of Wellington’s digital, tech and creative mentees to create 44 Mentor - Mentee relationships. 

We see a huge need for New Zealand startups to have access to quality mentoring and support from experienced people that have faced the problems they’re facing. For us at BizDojo it’s fantastic to see Xero, as one of the leading tech lights in New Zealand, stepping up to give back to the ecosystem.
— Jonah Merchant | CEO and Co-founder of BizDojo

Suzie Levine

Suzan LeVine is the United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein and she was eager to meet with strong females in New Zealand who are keen to make their mark on the world and push boundaries to reach their goals. We were lucky enough to have Suzie facilitate a females only session with entrepreneurial Wellington women.

My biggest takeaway from meeting Suzie was how she talked about not trying to achieve balance in all areas of her life but seeing it as a continuum. This resonated with me because it reframes how I look at what’s happening across the varying parts of my life and I find myself celebrating what’s going well rather than feeling bummed out about what isn’t.
— Emma Bell-Norris | Digital Content Manager, Europlan

Start Up Garage

At BizDojo Collaboration is one of our core values and we couldn’t think of a better company to collaborate with in Wellington, than Creative HQ. As a result of this collaboration, Collider started hosting Creative HQ’s monthly Startup Garage Meetup which has brought in a plethora of amazing speakers and people eager to be inspired.

“Creative HQ is first stop for startup advice and mentoring, and BizDojo is top of the list for community and coworking. It’s logical and easier that they happen in the same place. And we love hanging at the Dojo!”
— Nick Churchouse | Head of Customer Engagement, Creative HQ

Melissa Clark-Reynolds Business Models Masterclasses

Melissa Clark-Reynolds is well known on the entrepreneurial scene as a serial disrupter and a professional company director.  Melissa was eager to contribute to the Collider programme by coming in to facilitate two, two part Masterclasses on understanding business models. Both her sessions sold out faster than any other activation.

Melissa changed the way how I look at Business Models and Strategies. Her sessions were very useful and eye-opening. Thank you, Collider!
— Mayu Suziki | Export and Developer Manager

Gary Bolles

Gary Bolles is a Silicon Valley veteran who has helped countless business leaders to understand seismic changes influenced by technology. In collaboration with Callaghan Innovation we were able to bring Gary to Wellington to facilitate a main event, a roundtable and gave two lucky people the opportunity to have him for a 30 minute one on one.

Two hours with someone like Gary Bolles for $25.00 is exceptional value, anyway you look at it. A massive thanks to BizDojo and Callaghan Innovation for arranging the event. Having someone with Gary’s experience and insight probe your business plans was very valuable – giving confidence that you were generally on the right track, but also some areas for further investigation.
— Gene Turner | Managing Director, LawHawk Limited

If you're curious about any of the activations listed above please get in touch or reach out to our Activations Manager DK, who has the awesome task of wrangling the next 100 Collider activations.