Collider Talks #4 | Celebrating First Year Of Collider | Looking Forward To The Second

Here at BizDojo we've just launched the second year of our Collider Programme where we're all about working out how we can improve Wellington through the collision of ideas.

Tonight we also celebrated and reflected on the first year by exploring the impact we've had through the following stats (click on image below for the downloadable and sharable infographic):

We asked attendees and facilitators to send through feedback from their experience with the first year of Collider, and the response was overwhelming! We've captured a few of these below:

Year Two

Part of the transition into year two (of the three year project) will be a couple of brand new projects plus a *repeat favourite where we've had great success:

Smart City Challenge (click here to register)

Aim: To create a collaborative action groups to solve ‘smart’ challenges for Wellington.

How it works: Four leaders will be invited to give a 5 minute outline and 'pitch' relating to a challenge facing in Wellington City e.g. traffic congestion, better use of open spaces, cleaner waterways etc. 

40-50 participants from the digital, creative and tech sector will then be invited to engage in a facilitated ‘un-conference’ workshop to come up with possible solutions.

Videos will be taken of each challenge and posted on a website along with the outcomes of the workshop with a further call to action to the wider community. After a month the challenge will become ‘closed’ and the community that has built around solving the challenge will then be featured in the following Smart City Challenge event and encouraged to continue. 

Who should attend: City-minded folks, curious creatives, idea hunters, solution crafters. People who are hungry to make a difference through action and collaboration for the capital.

Mapping The City (click here to register)

Aim: Form a working party of cross-sector / industry stakeholders to focus on mapping and plotting the opportunities and gaps within the current Smart City ecosystem. Ideas for collaborative exploration include:

  • agreement on what it takes to be a Smart City and how the tech, digital and creative sector contribute to this;
  • shared city-wide integrated calendar system to ensure no duplication and further understanding of cross-sector operations;
  • serving wider agendas and utilising resources to accelerate impact (such as sharing expert visitors, insights into future project commitments etc.

How it will work: Full-day sessions will be facilitated and recorded via more visual means (e.g post it notes, video).

Much of the activities will focus on tackling the challenge of transparency across the city's organisations. Early sessions will focus on this ‘mapping’ theme with then a view to developing a cohesive plan of connecting and collaborating beyond personal relationships towards an aligned framework of future problem solving activities (see ‘aim’).

Who should attend: Senior executives from regional and local organisations, representatives of national / international organisations / companies, individuals who are decision makers and strategic in their operations.

#Brainstrust (click here to register)*

Aim: #Brainstrust is a community approach to problem solving within the BizDojo. The premise is simple.

  • Submit your business problem.
  • Have a tailored creative workshop designed for you.
  • Work with other business owners and entrepreneurs to tackle your challenge
  • through the facilitated workshop.
  • Pay it forward - you take part as part of the problem solving team for another business the following session. (This is non-negotiable and part of the deal.)

How it works: A #Brainstrust workshop runs once a lunchtime (2 hours) each week. The business problem or challenge will be submitted during the week leading up to the workshop. It will be a rapid design innovation workshop, which will use tools from design thinking and service design. It will also include tools from other areas where relevant; business model canvas, Jobs-to-be-done, etc.

The #Braintrust will focus on one business challenge per session. The workshop may focus on creating a solution or use the brains to create an approach to addressing the challenge which you take away. There will be a follow up clinic the week after to track progress and provide further support and mentoring individually with the problem owner and lead facilitator.

It’s been exciting to be a part of the #Brainstrust experiment. I’ve learnt a lot – even the delivery has been an exercise in design thinking. If you’re feeling blocked or like you’re out of ideas DO THIS! I’ve met some great people, and come away with some inspired approaches to assist our community engagement.
— Joanna Matthew | Executive Director of LIANZA

Who should attend: Anyone with a hurdle to tackle within the context of their work / industry. From startups to public sector workers, this format works for everyone. The important element is the desire to work together as a collective to create outcomes.

To register your interest in any of the above please complete this form.

So here's to another two years of activities, all with the focus of transforming this wonderful city of ours into a Smart Capital.