Collider Connects #12 | 0.Ventures

Dan Kahn and Same Bonney have a wealth of experience mentoring early stage entrepreneurs and tackling the problems they face. Together they built and ran the first two Lightening Lab accelerator programmes.

Since then, Dan and Sam have continued their work with startups while developing a new perspective on recurring issues that new entrepreneurs and business owners experience.

Dan and Sam came into the BizDojo to facilitate a Collider event on 'Everything We'd Do Different', to share their insights and more importantly their failures.

We sat down with Dan and Sam to find out about their new business 0.Ventures and how it can help new entrepreneurs cut through the noise of start up advice and find their own path to their first revenue goal.

One of the problem that startups face in New Zealand is that they have a warped sense of what success looks like for them
— Sam Bonney | co-founder of 0.Ventures
The challenge is knowing what to do and where to do it, there’s so much advice out there and not all advice is created equal
— Dan Khan | co-founder of 0.Ventures