Collider Connects #13 | Penny Mackay

Penny Mackay has spent the last 16 years working in various newsrooms around the country including Radio New Zealand for 10 years. She's been a freelance feature writer for magazines and has been freelancing in public relations for the last seven years.

Penny facilitated a sold out Collider workshop on 'Pressing home your release', which gave attendees tips and tricks to getting their press release picked up by the media. Penny didn't facilitate as a PR or communications expert but as a person from the media who can tell you exactly what happens when a media release comes in. 

She is facilitating another session on the 9th of September on 'How To Market Your Release', which you can sign up to here.

Know your audience. Think about what is it you’re trying to say and who is it you’re trying to reach.
— Penny Mackay