Collider 101: What is Startup Grind, what happens? And why should i head along?

Welcome to Collider 101, your place to get to know the nitty gritty about the events, learning opportunities, meetups and people that make up Collider. This week we are delving into Startup Grind, what it is, who it is for and why you should be heading along to Startup Grind Wellington. Have something you want to know about? Throw it in the comment section. 

So what is Startup Grind Welington?
Startup Grind Welly’s is your local chapter of Startup Grind, which is a global community for entrepreneurs. The organisation has 250 chapters in 115 cities worldwide, reaching around 1000000 entrepreneurs. In New Zealand, along with Wellington, we have Startup Grind Auckland and both follow the global Startup Grind vision of educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs.

Startup Grind works in a couple of ways, you have local events like Startup Grind Wellington featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Then you also have a big global event that brings the global community together with great speakers, and on top of this, you have the digital networking and learning that happens online.

So… like, what actually happens at a Startup Grind event?
Startup Grind is great because it combines something you know and love, networking with a deep dive interview with someone in the startup realm doing interesting stuff.  With a focus on the person as well as the business they are building, Startup Grind interviews tend to dig deep, sidestepping the usual questions to instead unearth the story not yet heard. Even better yet, you get to ask questions of the person in the hot-seat too, so bring your ‘reckons’.

Who should be heading along?
Startup Grind really does target those in the startup world, perfect for founders, entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially curious to share stories, insights and tips. For more established founders who are helming growth or scaling businesses, it is also a good event to check in on, keeping your finger on the pulse of your local startup community.

Why should you head along?
We thought this one was best answered by Startup Grind Wellington organiser Adela May “I signed up to host Startup Grind in Wellington as I believe we have such a unique and buoyant tech ecosystem and Wellington, and within that industry, there is such a thirst to collaborate and learn from each other, and I wanted to give people a platform to do just that. It’s one of the most rewarding and interesting things I have done in my career, I love seeing the community get value from Startup Grind and I am consistently amazed at some of the connections and conversations that spring up at the meetups. And I would encourage people to attend for that very reason - if you’re looking for somewhere to speak to like-minded people, create and foster relationships, open yourself up to opportunities or just get inspired, this is the perfect place for that.”