Before the collision: #2 What does the future of Wellington’s work force look like?

 Image care of Brady Dyer - click the image above to be taken to a full gallery of lovely photos

Image care of Brady Dyer - click the image above to be taken to a full gallery of lovely photos

You might know about the meetups we support, the events we host and the learning opportunities we create. But what happens behind the scenes at Collider? Our  series, "Before the Collision" is a diary from our Activation Manager Kate Macdonald where she highlights the conversations she is having, great work she is seeing in the community, events and workshops she is attending, and all the things she is learning, seeing and being surprised by in Wellington and beyond. 

30th November

The robots are coming and they’re gonna do our jobs! Uh oh. But also opportunity. What to do?... Hide under the duvet? Re-train for jobs of the future? Embrace new robot work mates? What does the future workforce look like? The Wellington Work In Progress Conference gave me loads to think about.

Earlier this month 350 Wellingtonians gathered at the St James Theatre to hear about ‘Wellington's new collar future’. The speaker line-up was awesome and covered a range of topics - skills for the machine age, digital disruption, the gig economy - to name just a few.

The standout for me was Professor Ian O Williamson - Pro Vice Chancellor & Dean of Commerce at Victoria University Business School. His topic was “Can Human be put back into Human Resources?  Managing Tomorrow’s Workforce”. I was immediately into it - at BizDojo we are all about humans. And the Collider Programme is all about creating an inclusive space for people to connect and collaborate and ultimately grow what they do.

Professor Ian spoke about a topic close to my heart - diversity.

How diversity in your team is key to innovation and execution. It’s like that old saying - two minds are better than one, but only if they think differently. If you’re growing your team, you might want to think about strategically composing a team from different backgrounds - kinda like The Avengers.

And diversity in your organisational partnerships. Think about who you’re working with and what that means for your workforce. Perhaps you could team up with a social enterprise or mental health provider - “seek out dissimilar others”.

And diversity of rewards. Once you’ve established your diverse team of ninjas, they’re not all going to want a ham for Christmas. Think about taking a flexible approach to showing your work force that you value them and think they’re doing a great job.

Thanks Ian!

The fact that we had this conference and these conversations (thanks Wellington Regional Strategy Office!) is another reason why living in Wellington is the raddest.

I always love to talk to people in the Wellington business community about what we are doing, what we could do, and what we could do TOGETHER! If you are curious about Collider, or have an idea for something great we could do together feel free to reach out via email or over on Twitter