Summer's here, and so the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcampers!

Pohutukawa are in bloom, the aircon has been switched to “high” and the faint sound of flip-flops can be heard around the office. It must be summer. Which means BizDojo Wellington have just meet 2017/18’s summer cohort for the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Yussss!

The Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp helps young entrepreneurs to build a business over one summer, by using skills and networks available within Victoria University and the wider Wellington business scene. For a few days each week, BizDojo acts as a base and home to connect with Wellington’s entrepreneurial scene as these teams as they create and build their businesses.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. The residents at Bizdojo come from a wide pool of talents and expertise and work as great mentors for the Bootcampers who have specialised questions or concerns about their project. The Bootcampers are in turn enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re doing, bringing energy and collaborative vibes into the space.     

While it’s early days yet, we’ve grabbed a quick snapshot of this summer’s 10 (yup! 10, making it the biggest cohort yet) entrepreneurial teams.


“Mind Me - Product Mindy”
An AI based integration for accounting software.

A mobile platform that allows museum visitors to experience science using AR and 3D animation.

Study Track
A platform for Universities to offer ’Crash Courses” in Degrees so students can make more informed career decisions.

Virtual Valet
An app to eliminate the dreaded parking search.

A service that will work with local businesses to outsource work to mothers.

An online clothing company providing affordability for students.

Ratahi Brothers
A calculator app that can be used in formal high school exams.

An online platform that will help people engage with civic organisations.

ISO Platform
An online platform to help international students to smoothly transfer their lives and prepare for study in New Zealand.

Creative Subscriptions
A paid subscription service for a monthly box of children’s art activities based on a buy one, give one model, where another box is sent to children from refugee backgrounds.