Don't Just Be A Founder, Be A Leader.

As a Manager, Steve Jobs was reported as being a bit shit.

Being a founder (regardless of how amazing your company is) doesn’t automatically make you an effective leader. In fact, often the characteristics needed for founders and entrepreneurs are not always going to be beneficial for leading and developing a team.

According to Business Insider, the wildly charismatic Steve Jobs was a successful CEO, not because of his leadership but for his gift for predicting the markets and building creative teams. However, Steve did employ many great managers who were more emotionally stable and focused on developing Apple’s amazing people.

For many founders of growing businesses the ability to hire amazing leaders is a wee while off, this is why it’s important to gain the skills to effectively lead your team from day one.

This year, Collider is excited to be hosting the LX programme designed by leadership developer and business activation coach, Julie Treanor. The LX programme has been crafted for all types of leaders, but with CEO’s and founders in mind and will explore how to lead and manage amongst the ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity, paradox and doubt that characterises the entrepreneurial working world today.

This programme will cover six topics over the year, with opportunities after each session to take part an LX Café, where you can savour one Wellington’s favourite caffeinated brew and take part in leadership discussions with others.

The six themes of the LX programme are:

March - Audacity

April - Agility

May - Humility

June - Flow

July - Ingenuity

August - Progress

Each session will have facilitated conversation, creative thinking backed by sound leadership principles/concepts will examine the nature and dynamics of leadership and spur new thinking to answer the challenges and frustrations that that leaders face every day.

The LX programme is completely free and while it’s been designed as an entire programme, you’re more than welcome to pick and choose which sessions to attend. We will also be holding a leadership retreat in November which will bring beautifully bring the LX programme’s teaching together. As an incentive to keep on top of your leadership development, this retreat will be free for anyone who has attended all six sessions.

Sign ups are officially open to the first session taking place on the 15th of March; “LX Programme, Session 1: Audacity"