Collider Talks #9 | Pop Your Bubble

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There’s a reason why Billionaire and serial Entrepreneur Elon Musk says you should never stop seeking feedback when building and growing your business.

Speaking and collaborating with people to develop your business is a very powerful tool that shouldn’t be underestimated.

As a Founder of a small business it's very easy to get trapped in a bubble when you lack a sounding board in the form of a partner or mentor. We believe it’s vital to pop that bubble and seek out connections with others to ensure you’re moving on with your business problems.

Meet Jo Constable. Jo is a regular at Collider events and as she operates her business from home, she sees the value in getting out and collaborating with other innovative individuals.

Jo has been running her very successful graphic design business, Hoi Polloi, for 20 years and has worked with big companies such as Fonterra, Fletcher building and Gareth Morgan Investments.

Two years ago Jo made the decision to start a new business and she sought out connections with others to help her with this journey.

“When you’re working on your own you get tunnel vision, which is why it’s important to get out and go to events”.


It is the connections you form with others, and the ways you collaborate with those connections, that will help you grow your business to new levels.

Jo has collaborated with two of our Collider facilitators to help her develop her new business venture.  

“For two years I had been mulling over how my new business venture and my current one would work together. It was as if a magic light bulb had been switched on. I have been in business for over 20 years and the insights were so refreshing!”


From Jo’s collaborations, she’s discovered the true essence of her new business in the form of a tagline, and she’s comfortable with how her two businesses will co-exist.

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Jo’s new business focuses on getting artwork into unconventional places. Jo says she sees art everywhere, even where you’d expect it the least, like a car park. We loved this idea, and if you’re planning on coming to a Collider event this month you’ll see some of Jo’s creative genius first hand, hanging up in our Event Space.