Collider Talks #10 | Spotlight on TWICE

BizDojo Wellington is lucky to have TWICE podcast recorded here.

BizDojo Wellington is lucky to have TWICE podcast recorded here.

TWICE [aka. two weeks in creative endeavour] podcast has come a long way from the very first recording (which was never published) of four people awkwardly standing in a room sharing one microphone - and that’s all due to the passion and sincere dedication of David Binstead.

David is a self-described ‘Marketer For Good’, and founded TWICE in 2015 as he had a curiosity for the power of audio and how it could support people, organisations and companies striving to achieve positive outcomes from and for New Zealand.

TWICE podcast runs for about 60 delicious minutes, and serves up a frank, entertaining and insightful conversation with two guests in the form of founders, enterprisers, creatives and innovators.

In the nature of having twice the goodness, BizDojo and Collider are very proud and excited to formalise their support for this creative endeavour; giving a voice to everyday Kiwis doing awesome things.

David has just published his 44th episode and I sat down with him for a quick 5 questions to find out more about his journey.

First thing’s first, do you have a favourite episode?

Episode 9 would have to be a standout episode for me. It was with Glen Pickering, Director at the World Buskers Festival and Catarina Gutierrez, ex Startup Activator at Ministry of Awesome. Glen cut loose with so many swear words that we had to mark the episode as “explicit”.

We spent the whole time laughing, and it was then that I thought; There’s something here. There’s real value to both what people have to share, and the passion with which they’re saying it.


Of course I’m going to ask, what’s been the worst episode?

(Laughs)... yes, and it’s very embarrassing. I recorded three pilot episodes before publishing the first one (3rd pilot) in September 2015. I couldn’t bring myself to putting any of them online but was ‘encouraged’ into it by my Christchurch co-host Jaya. I had smooth talked our way into using a recording studio for the first pilot, but with no seats we had to stand, we couldn’t drink the beers, and the recording gear didn’t sync with ours. It was a disaster.

So there’s beer in every episode, how did that come to be?

The beer started as a bribe. I figured it was the best way to get guests to come along and get them talking. Now, I receive support from Wellington independent craft brewers, including Garage Project, who occasionally supply beers for upcoming episodes. Cheers George and our other refreshment supporters!

Do you have any words for podcast skeptics?

Technology has conditioned our attention spans to be very short. If there’s a secret sauce for podcasts it’s that they’re mono-sensual - only using one of your senses in a world of over-stimulation. Listen to a podcast episode and it transports you into the heart of a really intimate conversation, all while walking your dog, or on your daily commute.

Podcasts are simply digital radio shows, democratised so that ‘anyone’ can publish a show about anything. They are a beautiful, light format that auto-updates in your pocket (and ears), with thousands to choose from on any subject, topic or area of interest. What better place to learn, be inspired and entertained than anywhere!

What does the future of TWICE look like?

I am beyond stoked to receive support from Nick and the team at BizDojo and Collider Wellington. Their sponsorship puts the show on a sustainable footing, where before it was firmly a bootstrapped and time-consuming ‘passion’ project.

The show has started re-broadcasting (without the beer segments - boo!) on terrestrial radio via Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM. I’m intending to record episodes at the Social Enterprise World Forum in September, and ongoing behind the scenes work will culminate in featuring some ‘hard to reach’ guests in the coming months.

Other people I am genuinely humbled by, and which I want to acknowledge:

Firstly, our loyal listeners from around New Zealand and across the world.

Secondly, our guests who freely give their time to share stories and journeys to now on their missions to do good for wider society. All for a couple sips of craft beer.

Thirdly, a growing roster of co-hosts and volunteers who have given their time and perspectives to helping reveal the best from our guests.

And last but very much not least, a loyal crew of Patreon supporters/listeners who help offset some of the episode digital hosting costs:

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