Collider Talks #12 | Phase 3 of the programme; we're focusing on the human.


It may seem like only yesterday, but it was two years ago when the Wellington City Council partnered with BizDojo to create a Wellington based tech hub; a neutral space for innovation in the city. Since this time, the programme has brought together the power of 9,595 humans who have connected at 309 learning opportunities, networking events, business development and support initiatives.

This year will be bigger than ever before
— Nick Shewring | BizDojo Co-founder
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The next phase for Collider will see a shift in focus from the company to the human. We’re talking about the time poor, support strapped founder. Through extensive surveys, workshops and conversations with our Collider and BizDojo communities we've recognised a gap in ongoing support for founders of businesses in Wellington.

And our answer to this gap? The Founders Central Programme.

Collider 2017/18 will drill down into meaningful support and activity for people who have founded businesses in Wellington, with an emphasis on supporting their growth.

Collider Founders Central is a multi layered programme of support for business operators, comprising of digital learning and content, opportunities for in-person development and the creation of a ‘Collider Cohort’, enabling more hands-on support for a group of growth focussed businesses.

The programme focuses on a variety of topics including;
- How to structure your businesses for future growth.
- Getting ready for investment.
- Leadership skills and building your brand
- Wellness in the workplace and mental health care for business owners.

Founders Central is a rally cry for our vision of healthy, productive founders who are able to work through the stresses of entrepreneurship and creativity and come out the other side with both a successful business but also a successful life.

Our vision is a New Zealand populated by empowered founders and supported by the innovation ecosystem. As New Zealand’s only national coworking and collaboration provider, we see BizDojo playing a key role in achieving this.
— Nick Shewring

The Collider Cohort will create a tight-knit group of founders who will receive more intensive support whilst on their growth journey.

We will take the learnings from the Cohort and put them into a programme for founders across Wellington. A data-tracking component will create a longitudinal study of participants, tracking success and impact long after graduating the Collider Founders Central Programme.

Collider Founders Central is the first outlay of the Founders Central programme, a series of programming devised by BizDojo to help amplify the rate of success for New Zealand’s founders. Something that BizDojo is very passionate about.

You can check out more about the upcoming 2017/18 Collider Cohort criteria here.