Collider Talks #14 | What do Wellington Founders need to succeed?


We asked attendees at the Collider Launch last week three questions. We were on a mission to find out; 1. What Founders in Wellington need to succeed, 2. The best business advice they’d ever received and 3. What Wellingtonian they would want to take for a chinwag over coffee. In true Founder flair we got some pretty wild responses and also some #FounderGoals keys to success.  

1. What do Wellington Founders need?

While Money was a hot topic right across the board other important things mentioned were support, love, collaboration and community.

Being a founder can be a lonely time and there’s nothing like someone being right there with you going through the same struggles. It also means having someone to high five you because you were able to pay your power bill that week.

Along with a supportive community full of highfives, guidance and advice from Founders who have “been there, done that” was high on the list. Who better to learn from than the people who have already been evicted 3 or 4 times and had to pay their staff rather than have a hot shower at home. Then to meet them for a coffee and see them not smelling too bad is a true testament that you can make it work and not to give up just because things feel pretty scary right now.

2. What’s the best business advice you’ve received?


Again money is a burning topic with lots of ‘Don’t be afraid of the Zeros’ and ‘No Mates Rates’. It’s clear that in order to succeed you can’t ignore the bank.

Other advice relates more personally to being a Founder; “Keep who you are authentic and consistent in everything you do because that’s why you are the Founder.

Theres also the focus on taking the support you need, although at times it may not be comfortable, it will hopefully keep you sane along your Founder's path.

3. If you could pick the brain of one Wellingtonian over a coffee, who would you choose?

We asked this question as one of the best things about doing business in Wellington is how connected everyone is. We were curious to know who local business owners would love to meet in the city.

As expected the answers were scattered across this section with the likes of the Founders of Fix and Fogg to Whittakers (and their connections with Nigella). The only common theme was people wanting to meet with "Social Influencers". With social media marketing being what it is these days it’s no wonder everyone’s asking how to connect with their customers through free marketing channels. 

Then we get to the odd ones...."Patrick Gower, on how he's so passionate about the news? And "The next PM? Ohhh who will it be?".

We also asked BizDojo Co-founder; Nick Shewring and Wellington Mayor Justin Lester the same questions. You can watch their responses here.

This information will be used to help us with shaping a programme that is designed by founders for founders. Find out more about the Collider Cohort here.