Adding Artificial Intelligence to your App - the smarter way to do business

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Whether you find it crafty or creepy, you can’t deny that AI is impacting our lives more and more every day. We can thank Artificial Intelligence for Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” personalised playlists, our ever improving email spam filters and our ability to automatically tag friends and family in photos on our smartphone.

And now, thanks to the launch of Microsoft and Amazon’s respective AI digital assistants “Cortana” and “Alexa” you're able to ask a machine “Where the nearby bars that serve local craft beer that have free WiFi and are open past 9:00 p.m”, and get a quick and accurate answer... I'd actually like to know that one. 

 credit: Microsoft

credit: Microsoft

With the arrival of this technology in New Zealand comes a new range of possibilities for your own business application. Whether you're a developer, founder, designer, startup, product managers or just an AI newbie, it's worth getting your head around how a chatbot can help your business. 

How do chatbots such as Cortana and Alexa work?

Chatbots works in much the same way as a human manning a help desk and are a form of artificial intelligence that operates within defined set of rules and parameters.

Will a chatbot improve my business?

Having a chatbot on your app means you can easily see exactly what your users are looking for in your app and act accordingly. A better understanding of your user enables better targeting. By analyzing what your users are asking or talking about right now, you can drive revenue with targeted offers and ads. Voice capabilities make developers and their apps smarter.

How can I use a chatbot for my business?

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When a customer opens a chatbox dialogue box on your app to ask for assistance, the chatbot is the one responding.

So, if a customer typed or voiced the question; “What time does your store open tomorrow morning?“, using the information available, the chatbot would immediately respond in the same way as a human would; “Our store opens at 9am tomorrow morning and closes at 5pm.

How can well programmed chatbots improve your customer’s experience?

A simple weather chatbot will be able to answer the question “Will it rain tomorrow?“. However, if the programming is not there, the question “Will I need a brolly tomorrow?" may cause the chatbot to respond with an "I am sorry, I didn’t understand the question" type response, creating a poor customer experience.

A well-programmed chatbot is able to immediately process “speech-to-meaning” so it’s able to understand the context of a question and give a quick and accurate response.

How can I use this technology to effectively add AI to my app?

Glad you asked! We’re very lucky to have Microsoft’s Software Development Engineer on all things AI and IoT, Vishesh Oberoi in the BizDojo next month. Vishesh will be running a free interactive workshop on how you can harness AI technology to make your app and business work smarter. There are limited spaces so get make sure to RSVP here.