Collider behind the scenes: #3 - We're getting excited about TechWeek ‘18!

Is TechWeek in your calendar? If it’s not, put it in there now! TechWeek 2018 will be taking place from the 19th - 27th May.

TechWeek is a nationwide initiative that showcases tech and innovation and the Collider crew are getting pretty excited about it! 

2017 was the first year TechWeek events were held in Wellington and Collider programme supported a jam-packed week of events from the Kiwi Landing Pad Sales & Marketing Jam on Monday morning to the MBIE “GovTech is the New Black” Showcase event on Friday night.

My personal favourite of the 2017 line-up was ‘Dojo Dragons’, a pitch night with our Auckland BizDojo residents Ken Erskine and Greg Sitters of 88 Kiwis. A range of startups pitched and got some super valuable feedback from Ken & Greg. It was also an educational night for the audience. I wrote lots of gems in my trusty notebook, like; 

“First thing’s first - taking the wrong money from the wrong people at the wrong time can be worse than having no money”.

So what's exciting for TechWeek 2018?

Last night we hosted a TechWeek organisers meetup for anyone keen and curious about hosting an event during TechWeek. The room was packed with some of Wellington's most creative and passionate tech minds, all keen to connect and make Wellington's TechWeek 2018 the best yet!

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While there's still lots to organise we can announce that TechWeek will have everything from a Mahuki Tech Tour of Te Papa to insights on Leading an Agile Workforce and a Collider hosted Founders Night, with a founder of a rad Welly tech company (watch this space).

The crew at Collider are also developing a lunchtime series for those that aren’t super tech savvy and want to know what the tech savvy people are talking about. We’re thinking the likes of emerging tech, Blockchain and VR? If there’s something you’d like the 101 on let us know via the form below and we’ll find an expert to de-mystify it in a workshop for you!