Making a million bucks out of your message.

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We’re delighted to announce that Peter Kerr, AKA Chief Simplification Officer at will be joining our InformMe crew, to help you get your message straight.

Peter specialises in unearthing your “Million Dollar Message” or MDM** for short.

Write **Message not guaranteed to make you a million…

Why do you need a MDM?

Peter explains that when you’re asked the common question of “So, what do you do?” - what you say next can make or break your business. You need to be able to simply and concisely tell the story of what your business does ideally using just 2 – 10 words.

What exactly is a MDM?

Your Million Dollar Message is your company’s first ‘announcement’. It explains your value proposition in the form of a website tagline, a slogan, a marketing campaign, a proposal or presentation title. Your MDM can also be an elevator pitch or business card statement.

A Million Dollar Message is:

  • Able to shoulder all the heavy lifting within an organisation
  • An instant identifier – a heart and soul value proposition
  • A touchstone or ‘North Star’ for communications across all channels and a crystal-clear, succinct statement to inform your visual design
  • A rallying call of company intention, direction and action

A Million Dollar Message is not:

  • Your brand values put into a sentence
  • A meaningless generic assemblage of words (think, “solution”, “innovative”, “leading”, “partner”…)
  • A pun
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How can I unearth my MDM?

As Peter says, it all starts with a conversation.

While you might think discovering your company’s one central truth is something you should be able to do yourself (after-all it is your business) it is almost impossible to detach yourself from being ‘in’ the business, and then objectively portray your ‘what and why’.

Peter can get you on the path to unearthing the essence of your company with a 30-minute conversation about your business. In this time Peter will help you reveal:

  • How well the business understands what it ‘does’ for its clients and what problem does it solve?
  • How close the business is (in Peter’s opinion) to nailing its first 2-10 words.
  • A greater clarity around issues the business will have to focus on to revealing its Million Dollar Message.

Peter has four book-able InformMe spots available monthly