Meet Mark Antony, Collider Creative series sponsored artist in residence.

We are so stoked to introduce you to Mark Antony — our very first sponsored artist in residence. We are always looking for ways to support creative endeavours so when we were connected with Mark by the Urban Dream Brokerage saying yes for us was a no-brainer. When we found out he would be unearthing the history of the iconic Market Lane building (a.k.a BizDojo’s newest site) we couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling. We will watch eagerly throughout Mark’s residency to see what evolves and look forward to sharing his work with you throughout the journey.


About Mark Antony

Mark specializes in digital animation and model building. He has lived in Wellington for the last 17 years and recently completed his MFA at Massey University! His work centers around the ‘personal’ in public spaces and social realms. Mark will be using Market Lane as a site to develop a project he’s calling ‘The Lost Futures Exchange’, this is an evolution of an idea he explored in his masters’ study at Massey University. 

‘The Lost Futures Exchange’ project. 

“The Lost Futures Exchange is a project I am starting in 2018 to gather stories, dreams and remembrances of place in the central area of Wellington. This is an evolution of the Ghosting About project I did for my masters study. I will collect and interpret and possibly interrupt the memories of the public who are engaging with my project set in an old shop space somewhere around the Cuba/Te Aro quarter in Wellington. Some ideas of what I can make from the stories are featured below.”

Over the course of nine weeks Mark aims to collect and interpret and possibly interrupt the memories of people who have or had a connection with the Market Lane site now and in the past and would like to collect these stories in written, drawn and audio/video recorded forms. These records will culminate in a multi-media model of stories, dreams, and animation. The final piece will be presented onsite at BizDojo Market Lane and online.

Mark will be onsite every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 pm — 5:00 pm working on the piece. He encourages the wider community to get involved with this exciting project, so if you have any information or memories about the Market Lane building please get in touch with Dan ( and he’ll put you in touch with Mark.