Collider behind the scenes #6: The Collider Tech for Noobs Series.

Earlier this year when we started thinking about our TechWeek ‘18 plans, our mates at WREDA shared some feedback on last years events (the first year for Welly events)... They said that while people loved having access to so much tech and innovation content, some events required a deeper understanding of tech. So a sort of ‘1-0-1’ series was suggested. We both thought we were the right people to help with this.


We talked to our BizDojo community and Collider friends about what they would love to know more about. We made the decision to avoid all the buzzwords. And to focus on subjects that will be relevant and useful to your day job.

Here’s what we came up with…


An intro to Agile - Nick White, Agile and Product management coach at Nomad8, will give us the low down on agile - an overview of the values and principles of agile, the benefit of using agile, and how you can incorporate agile practices into your team or business.


Understanding Open Source Software - Nate McCall, founder, and CTO at The Last Pickle, will school us on the open source way, open source software, and the benefits of adopting open source methodologies in your business.


SEO - what even is it? - Isaac Bullen, Asia Pacific Director at 3WhiteHats, will share his search engine optimization ninja skills! He’ll cover what it is, how it works, and how you can make it work for your website and business.

We hope the series will de-mystify agile, OS and SEO for you… you’ll be jargon-ing it up with the best of them.

See all you noobs in four-and-a-bit week at Market Lane!