Founders Journal - Jaemen, Richard & Cazna of SimplyFi

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The elevator pitch, and introduction to SimplyFi — what is it and who’s it for?

SimplyFi is an application that helps Private Collectors catalogue and manage their collections, giving them the ability to share their collections and stories with institutions all around the world. We simplify cataloguing for private collectors, incentivizes quality provenance building and streamline curator workflow.

We create an ecosystem of trust, security, and efficiency so more stories and collection items can be shared and appreciated the world over.

The founding story, where and when did it all begin?

The journey started with our experience at Te Papa. We had heard about the Mahuki business accelerator and decided to apply! We looked at the problems being faced by Te Papa and the industry as a whole. We identified the problem that best fit our personal professional background and experience.

What’s a typical day like at SimplyFi?

A typical day at SimplyFi is interesting to think about and our teams’ dynamics may differ from the usual start-up! First of all, we’re a family and we live with one another. The day often begins at the breakfast table (for those who haven’t had to rush out). There is a lot of outreach trying to breach the secure networks of Private Collectors and Curators, lot’s of time spent on the phone or in email threads. BizDojo acts as a central home base for us all, a place of work and focus.


We’re stoked to have you apart of Collision Labs, what do you hope to get out of the programme?

We’re so excited to be a part of the programme and we hope to make friends with the rest of the community. Being new to Wellington, we are still finding our feet here and would love to rub shoulders with others here ‘fighting the good fight.’

How are you finding coworking? What have been your favourite moments so far?

Coworking has been amazing! We have been blessed to share experiences and lessons with some of the others humans in the Dojo, we’re looking forward to tapping into the diverse range of expertise and getting amongst the community events.

Startup life ain’t easy! What have been some key learnings since you started the journey?

Short and sweet — Passion carries you when Money cannot. So being passionate about what you’re doing is the real secret sauce to start-up life!

What’s on the horizon for SimplyFi — what are you guys working towards?

We are looking to consult with some people who know a little about blockchain development as we lean closer and closer towards building our very first MVP.

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Anything you like to add?

We’re a shy bunch at first but we are a team of characters with a wide array of interests & skills between us all! Please feel free to come by and speak with our team. We need more Wellington/Start-up/BizDojo friends. Yes, we’re from Auckland but try not to hold that against us!