Behind the scenes of Collider #6: All good things must come to an end: Collision Labs

You may recall way back in March we put a call out to Welly startups who have established a viable business (but aren’t currently in the position to pay for a coworking membership) and have committed to making a go of it, are keen to connect with a coworking community and keen to get the inside word on and easy access to our Collider events.

In April we welcomed our Collision Labs crew to BizDojo Tory Street - we started off as 12 rad humans working on 5 epic startups and we grew to 14. We set them free in the Dojo, immersing them in our community activations, gave them the inside word on Collider events, and connected them with the right people.

It was so great watching the founders connect - it was almost instant as they had so much in common! From exploring Asian markets, to partnering with corporates, to having awkward sales conversations they all had questions to ask and skills to share. Mid-way through the three month pilot we went out for dinner and it was one of the most lively and educational dinners I have been to in ages! I felt like Anna Paquin in that movie ‘Fly Away Home’. And just like in that movie, eventually the Collision Labs experiment came to an end and they had to leave… (two teams will be staying on in the Dojo though, so that’s awesome!)

We caught up with the crew and here’s what they had to say about their time in the BizDojo

What progress have you made since entering Collison Labs? Do you have any wins to share with us?

Katy from Town Square - “I went on a market discovery trip to the Philippines through the Asia NZ Foundation, which was pretty awesome and now we've got them on our shortlist of potential expansion countries. Also, we've implemented machine learning in beta and are ramping that up which is pretty cool.”

Excio were finalists in the Wellington Gold Awards “Emerging Gold - Products” category.

Did you make any connections in the Dojo? If so, we'd love to hear about them.

Miranda & Jacinta met Dave Binstead from Twice Podcast and Jacinta featured on one of his recent shows.

Others found that just being around other like-minded entrepreneurs and founders helped with problem-solving, getting new ideas and making connections.

Any hot tips you want to pass on to early stage-ups?

"Get organised early on! Establishing a rhythm while you're trying to fit in life is important… it helps establish when you can step away from your startup to enjoy life and have time for family, friends, exercise and having a break." - Jacinta and Miranda from Dignity 

"Talk to everyone about your idea, you never know who might be able to help."- Katy from Town Square  

Where to from now? What does the future hold any exciting things on the horizon?

Miranda & Jacinta are in growth mode focussing on growing their impact from 8% of high schools across New Zealand to 20% by the end of the year as well as releasing an Impact Report to publish our findings about period poverty in New Zealand. To achieve this they’ll also grow their team and are currently looking for a Marketing and Communications Manager.

Town Square are “steaming ahead with expanding on our product and the machine learning side of things, plus we're looking at raising an investment round soon, so watch this space!”

We’ll continue to share updates and wins from the crew on our social channels (they’re in this for life now), we’ll catch up again in a few months and I can’t wait to see what this awesome bunch does next.