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Collider Founders Central Cohort

You have talked, and we have listened - founders need more support in order to thrive, and you want that support to be targeted and fit for purpose. So, we are rolling out support, community and tools for founders like you.

Founders Central is a community that makes it easy for founders to access the quality content, support, tools and connections they need to enable future success.

Crafted by founders for founders, Founders Central will be kicking off in the capital soon, and one of the first things we are doing is pulling together a supportive cohort of founders who can access the learning opportunities, community and connections of Founders Central for free, whilst helping shape the next steps for the programme.

Why should I apply to be part of the Collider Founders Central Cohort? 

You will get access to all the Founders Central content, workshops, events and support for free. We will also connect you in with expert advice and support to help you achieve your business growth and investment goals, while our team will help you share your story far and wide

FC also gives you a tangible way to support other founders. As a community minded person you will attend regular focus group sessions and check in with our programme manager to let us know how you are going, how the programme is going and how and where we can improve our support for you. This will take no more than eight hours a month, and be a great way to give back to other founders like you.

More about Collider Founders Central


What is Founders Central?

Crafted by founders for founders, Founders Central is a community that gives founders the tools, support and learning they need for future success. All of the flexible programming and resources are built to tackle the pain-points entrepreneurs face, while building business capability across everything from governance and investment through to well-being and profile raising. Founders can easily access learning online or in person, at a level, budget and pace that works for them.


Book a Founders Central 101 session

Founders Central 101 sessions are designed to connect you in with information about Founders Central, as well as advice on applying for the Founders Central Cohort. 

You will be connected with Collider Activation Manager Kate MacDonald who can answer all your FC questions, as well as help connect you in with services, events and meetups that form the general Collider programme. 

*The information gathered from this application is kept strictly confidential and will on be used for the purpose of determining the best support for you and your business.