Founders Cohort

Applications close September 28th 2017

There's a gap and we're going to fill it.

After surveying and workshopping with our Collider and BizDojo communities it is clear that there is a gap in Wellington's support for founders with potential for high business growth. We aim to fill this gap by creating a cohort of founders who own businesses in Wellington which are ready and rearing to scale - sound like you?

Being a part of this cohort will mean you'll receive practical advice and support in four key areas:

  • You - Everything starts with you
    So much business success depends on founders - so why not start with you. The founders path is not an easy one, so FC wants to make it a bit easier on you. Connecting you in with your peers, experienced mentors and other resources to help you deal with challenges, maintain perspective, and appreciate the good things along the way.

  • Foundation - Build as you mean to continue
    As your business scales, your problems scale too. FC connects you with advice and support to set yourself and your business up correctly from the start, preparing them for growth and potential world domination.

  • People - Evolving from do-it-all to CEO
    FC will provide a learning pathway for developing leadership skills in Founders, frameworks for building empowered teams, and access to experts to help avoid and prepare for tricky situations before they happen.

  • Toot. Hoot - Raising you up, so you stand out in a crowd.

Building strong brands, growing a following and sharing stories are all key to long-term Founder success. FC equips founders with the skills and expertise needed to help them grow their audience and profile.

Keen to know more?  To make sure you're not missing out we will pop you a message to jump online once applications are live!